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                                Hawaii Nonprofit No-Kill Animal Shelter

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The Hawaiian Dog & Cat Village is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Shelter

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The Hawaiian Dog & Cat Village is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Shelter


Welcome to the Hawai’i nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Eco Friendly No-Kill Animal Shelter, the Hawaiian Dog & Cat Village.  

Imagine a no-Kill animal shelter built like an updated Hawaiian Village, an environmentally friendly haven that does not euthanize lost or abandoned pets.

With palm trees, tropical flowers and endangered & rare  Native Hawaiian plants.

The nonprofit Hawaiian Dog & Cat Village will one day be all of these things and more. The Village will be built Eco Friendly, using solar panels for electricity, a well and catchment system for water and we will grow tropical fruit and vegetables on the property for the villages residents.

Why is a NoKill animal shelter important?

Let’s say you have a pet who you love dearly. For whatever reason you are unable to care for your dog or cat any longer, it could be money problems, your own health issues or you have to move and are no longer able to care for  your pet.

You bring your pet to the regular animal shelter in your community, you hate to do it, but you have to. After a few days, because of overpopulation at that shelter, your loved pet is euthanized.

At a NoKill shelter, when your pet comes to that shelter, they live out their natural life.

Our Mission

To provide a great life for abandoned, abused and stray pets in a stress free environment. To help put an end to euthanizing dogs and cats that are perfectly healthy.

Our Goals

A Hawaiian Style No-Kill Animal Shelter that is Environmentally Friendly with styles from Polynesia, including Tahitian, Maori and Marquesan, complete with thatched huts, endangered & rare Native Hawaiian plants and flowers.
To provice literature and guidance in training dogs, treating pets humanely and nutritional information on pet foods.

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